The Ten Best Football Grounds in England

I’ve been supporting my team home and away for around 25 years and have been to many grounds throughout England. Over the years I’ve seen an incredible transformation in facilities and infrastructure, especially since the Taylor report was published. The huge amount of TV money and commercialisation of the game at the top level has meant clubs have been able to build incredible new stadia with all modern conveniences. They are undoubtedly more comfortable than the grounds they replaced but have they lost some of what made those grounds the places they were? Atmosphere, familiarity and location are three things that have often been overlooked when building a new stadium.

With the following list, I’ve tried to take all the factors that are important to me into consideration and given extra points if the stadium is impressive for some other reason.

10. Emirates Stadium – Arsenal

Arsenal have carried out the most ambitious plans of all the teams who have redeveloped in recent years. There are many reasons to dislike the stadium, it’s name and lack of atmosphere being just two but any fan of stadiums can help being in awe of the design of the arena.

9. Wembley – England

The rebuilt England stadium is architecturally the most impressive stadium in theสมัคร ufabet สมาชิกใหม่ world today. It has more toilets than any other building in the world and for that reason alone it goes into the top ten.

8. Fratton Park – Portsmouth

Portsmouth are another team planning a shiny new stadium in the not too distant future. Lets hope they transfer some of the charm and atmosphere from run down Fratton Park.

7. Villa Park – Aston Villa

The views are generally excellent and there are few better places for atmosphere and comfort. Architecturally it’s nothing to write home about but you can’t have everything.

6. The Galpharm Stadium – Huddersfield Town

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