Maintaining a home in good condition can yield huge dividends when the time comes to sell.

Buyers are often looking for properties which require minimal maintenance, and nobody wants to see a deal be ruined due to the fact that the inspector discovered something buyers cannot accept. It’s a good idea to take preventative measures to save you the agony of watching a potential buyer leave.

Here are a few of the most crucial items you need to consider fixing prior to selling your home. Selling House is a major buyer and seller of houses each month. We’ve included a list of the most frequently requested repair issues identified by our appraisers.

Kitchen and Bathrooms

The bathrooms and kitchens in homes have the highest mechanical systems, like electrical and plumbing. They also have the greatest risk of harm. These are the elements that you must double-check

  • Kitchen appliances. Check that the dishwasher, stove, refrigerator and the microwave are all in working condition. Repair any leaks and then replace the coolant and freon in your refrigerator or freezer, if needed.
  • CabinetsIn both kitchens as well as bathrooms, all items should be in good order clean and free of rot or water damage. Doors and drawers need to slide open and close with ease. Repair broken hinges, clean or replace damaged drawer tracks and replace damaged knobs and handles. It is possible to complete most of these tasks on your own, with a screwdriver and visit to the hardware shop.

If the cabinets have been painted, ensure that the paint isn’t chipping or peeling. If you notice it, sand them down, and then apply a fresh coat. Cabinets with severe damage may have to be repaired, a process which may require the help of a professional unless you’re a pro at home remodeling.

    • The faucets and sinksWater features should be without leaks, and drains should be operating clean and free of obstruction. Overflow drains, which stops the overflow of a bathtub, should be functioning properly. Cold and hot options must function as specified in the taps.
  • Showers and bathtubs.Fixtures, such as shower heads, must be functional and drains should be clear of obstructions. If the acrylic in a bathtub is peeling, you might require resurfacing the tub or even replace it. The vent that exhausts any steam that is escaping from your shower must be functioning properly. Shower tiles that have been damaged must be replaced.

Home Interior

It’s now time to look at different internal surfaces.

  • Ceilings and wallsRepair holes in the nail and minor dents and dings within the drywall. If you notice discoloration like water damage that has repaired, repaint your walls. Painting is among the simplest and least expensive methods to freshen up a room. A real estate agent from Massachusetts Bill Gassett recommends removing wallpaper because it’s unlikely that buyers will like the same style.
  • flooringFrom flooring to laminate, all flooring should be in good shape. Replace cracked or chipped flooring tiles, or refinish the hardwood that is scratched or damaged. Replace carpets that are damaged or have it cleaned steam especially if you have pets.
  • HVACYour heating air conditioning, ventilation and heating system (HVAC) must be in good condition Clean as well as free from leaks. The thermostat must function in a safe manner. If you’re unsure then you can employ an HVAC technician to carry out the tune-up and provide you with an evaluation of your HVAC system’s state.
  • Heating elementSimilarly the water heater is in good functioning order and should not leak. All pipes must be protected.
  • Carbon monoxide and smoke detectorsYour detectors must be in good condition and not more than 10 years old. Examine your detectors, and change the batteries if necessary.
  • Circuit breakersEverything must meet the current standards. In particular, upgrade your electrical panels when you have Zinsco/Sylvania GTE or Federal Pacific labels. Get an electrician to assist for your home if you have any of the brands listed above. If you’ve got an older model like one that has an electrical fuse box might be able to have it checked and updated, because it could be difficult for the new owner to find the parts or even the system could be designed to accommodate modern-day usage in ways it was never intended to be used for, which makes it more susceptible to issues.

Repairs as opposed to. Upgrades

Let’s draw a clear distinction between repairs and upgrades , or improvements.

Upgrades are not mandatory, but they are options that homeowner’s aim is to maximize the value of their home. Installing new carpets in good condition using hardwood flooring as an example, is a good upgrade. Removing carpets that are in poor condition is a fix. Looking to sell your house fast for cash? We beat the other guys’ offers this article

Consider it this way: upgrading could increase an appreciation of the house. Repairs can keep the value of your home from slipping.

Home Exterior

Based on a 2018 “Cost vs. Value” study by Remodeling Magazine, several exterior projects have the highest return in terms of resale value.

Here are a few projects that have a high payoffs that you could want to take on.

  • Garage doors.Obviously, it needs to function. So do any remotes. The door must also comply with all codes in the area and safety requirements. It is possible to repair the mechanism if the coil spring is damaged or if your door is adorned with massive dents or dings.
  • Doors for exterior use.Major dings or dents are not acceptable. Hardware such as door handles must be in good shape and weatherstripping must be present, and the majority of homeowners can repair these problems themselves. Doors that slide glass should be properly aligned with tracks. The door that leads to garages should be code-compliant and fire-rated. It may be necessary to call an engineer to install the doors or slide tracks.
  • RoofThe roof should not have missing or damaged tiles, shingles, or ridge caps. These elements help protect the structure from destruction. Replace any trouble spots promptly. Cracks, bubbles, or blisters within the sealant can also be found. Repair any flaws in the underlayment which is the roofing layer beneath tiles or shingles. Water damage in the interior can indicate an issue with the roof If you notice any of them, get an expert.
  • EavesThe Eaves are the parts of the roof that extend over the wall’s exterior. They comprise the fasciaand the board on which gutters are attached as well as soffits, which join to fascia. All should be free of mold and water damage. You might need to employ an expert contractor to replace certain boards. Re-paint areas where the paint is peeling because the paint offers protection from weather and provides.
  • DrainageYard drainage should be sloped toward the base. If the water pooled near the foundation during rain and you need to get a contractor to re-grade your yard or break out concrete to correct the problem. Also, if downspouts drain rainwater away from the foundation of the home however there is no runoff, it’s an issue.
  • FoundationYour foundation wall, stem wall and retaining wall need to be solid and sturdy. Get a professional to provide you an opinion from a professional in the event you notice any signs of a foundation that is unstable such as the appearance of sagging flooring, cracks that are horizontal within the foundation, or vertical or horizontal cracks along any wall, whether outside or inside.
  • DecksThe deck or patio must be sound and structurally solid with code-compliant railings. Columns supporting the deck, which is also referred to as the infill space must be structurally sound and also. The deck should not be damaged by termite damage or water damage. You could apply a coating of polyurethane to the deck to stop future damage from water.
  • landscapingThe trees plants, trees, shrubs and other plants around the property shouldn’t be a problem. For instance, if your home is located next to a large oak tree and its branches touch the roof, it’s best to trim the branches before they cause major damage. Check to see if any branches or plants are touching your home.
  • Fencing. Fences made of wood shouldn’t have boards that are rotting or damaged by water. The gate of all fences either made of metal or wood should be able to open and close easily. Paint chipping or rusting requires repair, but you can make it yourself. Clean the fence using an rust converter or wire brush. Then, paint and prime the areas affected.

If your home has been maintained over your life, then you should not be facing these issues. Regular preventative maintenance, like testing smoke alarms every month or every year or as often, and replacing any missing roofing shingles, reduces the repair list when you’re planning to relocate.

The final thought

The home you buy is an investment with regular upkeep — just a bit of elbow grease from your own kitchen, and calling or two to the professionals at times — can help ensure that your investment is secure.


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