From the veritable coffee to alcoholic beverages, it encompasses a lot of food! Some good and some dramatically detrimental to a dieting regime, for a weight loss program.

Individually sifting through the gold dust of good beverages one can home in on tea and specially herbal or green tea! Also if one can classify some red wine as such, in moderation it can be a boon to a cardio diet.

Just so as not to be deceived by the colour of the beverage, red is dangerous and liquor in the diet for a health perspective is only in moderation, otherwise the maniac value of liquor comes to the fore! Now all things green are natural and pure, that holds true for tea! Green tea, especially the herbal variety and some of the black tea also are good addition to the diet in a dieting regime.


Now like its counterpart Coffee, which are drunk either in conjuncture or substitution, it is a very good beverage while dieting that aids weight loss, since it has zero calories, drinking green tea in diet also helps in weight loss as they contain a chemical called ‘photochemical’ which is a plant compound which helps to burn the calories faster! However their action lasts for short period only. So it is advisable to drink green tea at regular intervals and especially before a physical activity as it may aid in dieting by burning excessive calorie more readily.

Another moniker of green tea is herbal tea, where some herbal shark tank weight loss drink extracts are mixed with the tea and marketed, it is supposed to be protective to various organs like the liver and can be a dieting beverage to try.

Milk tea is not recommended as they calories and fat will come from the milk and sugar in it and dieting goals will be difficult from the calorie count.

Black tea:

Black coffee is a veritable goldmine while fancy coffee a minefield in dieting! Black tea can satisfy the caffeine craving, and give additional antioxidants to protect the heart and other organs. Medical studies have noted that consuming coffee in moderate quantity, a few cups daily, in the diet can bring health benefit, and also is good for type 2 diabetes and various forms of cancer.

However if one spices up the coffee in diet with whipped cream or chocolate, then it becomes a dietary minefield, with high calorie and fat count! In diet a simple black coffee is recommended.

Poor choice beverage in diet:

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