Attorneys looking to promote their practice must be aware of all the latest social media marketing trends. Social networks are a vital platform for engaging your audience and boosting brand awareness. Here we are discussing the reasons why Instagram creator accounts for law firms have become an essential promotional tool. Like its owner Facebook,3 Reasons Why Instagram Creator Accounts For Law Firms Are A Must Articles the visual-based social network is slowly evolving into a powerful marketing platform. The unique nature of the channel that involves the posting of only visual-based material like images and short videos has captured the imagination of millions of people worldwide. During the early days of its emergence as a promotional platform, it did not figure prominently in the plans of legal marketing services. However, it’s ever-growing user base that spans across various categories has made it another essential social channel for law firm internet marketing. Creator Accounts are a recent addition to the network. Let’s see why they can be useful to legal practitioners.

What Is An Instagram Creator Account?

Until recently there were two kinds of accounts namely, personal and business that users could create on Instagram. As more and more enterprises started using the network for promotional purposes, they felt the need of having more features to assess their growth and manage their presence. The Creator account is an effort by the visual-based channel to provide more insightful features to business users. At present, users who have a connected Facebook business page with their Instagram account and more than 10,000 followers can get this account. They can simply convert their Business Profiles into Creator Accounts through their account settings. It is expected that the facility will be made accessible to more users in the future.

Why Lawyers Must Use Instagram Creator Accounts?

As is the case with Facebook, Instagram is also slowly reaching a stage where its user-base encompasses all kinds of social categories. This kind of universal reach makes it an attractive marketing platform. People who think that the unique visual-centric nature of the channel may be unsuitable for the legal profession are grossly mistaken. The platform can be a vital marketing asset and with the addition of this latest feature, it becomes even more essential to include the channel in legal marketing plans. The following reasons make Instagram creator accounts for law firms a necessary element of their marketing plans.

1. Get Valuable Insight Into Your Performance

The biggest reason for using this account is the kind of insight it provides into your performance. At a glance, it seems that a Creator Account provides the same information as given by a Business Profile. You get to know the gender, age group, and locations of your followers. However, when you take a closer look, you will realize that there is some more information included ai video generator for users. You can learn the net follower changes on a daily basis. You can see the number of people who started to follow you or dropped out of your profile on any given day. Users will be able to see the information in graphs that will help them in making a quick comparison of data related to different days.

2. Freedom To Choose An Appropriate Category

Business profiles contain only a limited number of categories. Some attorneys find it difficult to choose a suitable one for their firm or practice. There are no such problems if they switch to the new feature. In Creator Accounts, they can specify a custom category label for their profile. You can choose to add a label that represents your practice area. Attorneys can also be innovative and use a term that is associated with the industry they serve. This will help them in connecting with influencers in their category and also improving their brand awareness. They can also use flexible labels to display their preferred contact method.

3. Simplified Way Of Filtering Direct Messages

Creator Accounts have a better and simplified way of filtering direct messages. Users get access to an inbox that has 2 tabs. The first is the primary tab where you can include all messages that you want to give the highest priority to. You can move all other communication to the general tab where notifications for all direct messages are turned off by default. This means that you will only be notified when you receive a message from a high-priority follower. However, you can re-configure the settings and enable direct messages for the general tab also. This new 2-tab inbox allows you to segment your audience so that you can manage your interactions in a better manner. You can include all the valuable followers in the primary tab enhance your relationship with them.

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